• Reduced required area up to 80%
• Minimum operating costs
• Short realization time (approx 3 months)
• Very easy to operate
• Zero environmental impact
• Allow decentralization
• Reduced pipelines requirements


In addition, other key features of the Hydronet system are flexibility of the decentralized system, modularity of components, and the Standard ICT monitoring and remote system control  that allows continuous optimization of operating parameters depending on the variations of the wastewater to be treated.


The competitiveness, and thus the commercial potential, of the Hydronet Systems is based on a winning technological margin in DAF, standardization, and the use of ICT for steering, diagnosis, and remote-control of the systems. On the one hand, the technological advance makes the system suitable for even the most stringent European and U.S. environmental legislation. On the other hand, standardization allows for modularity, which in turn enables a decentralized approach to waste water treatment and waters purification.