Hydroswiss opens at a new era of advanced design system  for the  treatment of waste water. Hydrofloat allows best flexibility in new projects and optimization of processes in existing plants.The Company strategy is focused on decentralize solutions to reduce the investment and increase the performances.

The increasing scarcity of water in the world along with rapid population increase in urban areas gives reason for concern and the need for appropriate water management practices. Therefore the main objective of the HydroNET project, which is co-funded by CTI (Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation) and the University of Applied Science of southern Switzerland SUPSI,  is to develop the design, production, and implementation of an innovative decentralized water treatment system for deployment in developed as well as in emerging markets.

The resulting module-plant is a compact wastewater treatment system.


Corporate general strategy

  • Optimizing the process of water treatment and valorisation of sludge (energy generation.)
  • Develop a modular, low cost system, based on standardized production.
  • Developing the market through a network of distributors and exclusive licensing agreements.
  • Focusing on emerging markets (China, India, ….) through an aggressive marketing strategy.
  • Promote knowledge and continuous innovation through a strong collaboration with academic institutions in R & D.


The product

The objective of HYDROSWISS is to offer on the market a system capable of satisfying the community with a population even less than 10’000 AE. This will make possible to propose decentralized, standard, and modular systems to meet some basic criteria in line with the directives of economic, ecological and environmental concerns. The use of flotation technology can significantly reduce the time required for wastewater treatment and plant size; the benefits are therefore important.